My Guiding Principles

To have trust between parties that ensures reliability and the truth.

Passion in what we do so we continually refine and improve on products or solutions.

A future that remains ethical and enhances lives positively.

HJunyuan Logo

Kyle Huang Junyuan

Innovation and its ability to make an impact on the world has always fascinated me. It is my life goal to understand how certain technology works in the hopes that someday, I could actually make the dreams of mine and others into reality. I genuinely crave to address challenges with the use of technology to improve lives by making a positive difference in the world. No future that we dream of is impossible if we set our mind to it. Just as innovators who often use ingenious yet simple solutions to solve complex problems, there is always a way!


A glimpse of my adventure

Final Year Project

My final year project in Ngee Ann Polytechnic involved assembling a fully autonomous bipedal robot tasked to complete an undisclosed route.

Tech Lingo

Co-founded with Zenas Lim in 2015, Tech Lingo features video reviews & recommendations on YouTube aimed at the everyday Singaporean.


Tech Solutions aims to provide affordable home solutions such as expanding WiFi coverage or security camera installations.


Gigafide is a start-up that adopts the use of blockchain technology to develop new solutions ensuring the legitimacy and accountability of our modern-day processes.