Is the struggle for good grades worth all the effort?

Kyle Huang Junyuan Personal Leave a Comment

I entered University with enthusiasm and even set myself a goal to obtain as many As as I could. After all, good results would allow me to get a stable job, join a good company, get good pay and be successful right? Some would say this is a typical goal for a student, especially in this competitive society in Singapore.

However, after completing my first semester, spending countless hours into revision and putting all other activities aside, I asked myself again whether all this effort was worth it. The grades I got were a few Bs and yet, I wasn’t too contented and sure if it would bring me success in my future career.

So many questions

  • How much more effort do I have to put in to achieve a higher grade?
  • Would employers really care about your school grades during the selection process?
  • Would I even bother joining a company or start one on my own instead?

It matters to me because I had to put aside my almost all existing projects during the first semester. Too much effort put in just for that B. One thing I have learned is that studying hard ≠ good grades. Rather, we as students should study smart.

What happened to me striving to be a well-rounded student that works part-time to get experience or launches a startup that “improve lives with the use of technology”? (People who know me would hear that phrase a lot; It’s also all over my site.) I honestly don’t know what happened to my passion for always wanting to explore or create something new. All in the name of experience and building a good portfolio which hopefully will help me in the future.

So the question now is whether I should put a hold on all my existing side projects to focus on studies or continue with them knowing that my grades will suffer by a bit. But a degree should still be a degree at the end of the day, correct?