Changing my domain name

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Update on 5 Jun 2018: So with a bit more thought into this, I’ve decided not to make any changes to the canonical URL. The current search results of “HJunyuan” on Google are favourable. Shoutout to Joseph for his thoughts on this matter.

What is a domain name you ask? Simply put, it’s that URL that you enter in the address bar to access a website. Usually, it ends with .com or .net but with the recent release of Top Level Domains (TLDs), more options such as .ly, .fm, .tech, .blog, etc. became available to the public. See the full list of TLDs here.


When I was still deciding on a domain name for the first time, I didn’t have much choice. You see, Kyle is quite a common name –,, were all taken. So I decided on with reference to my original usernames on Instagram/Twitter/etc.

An idea which still lingered in me was to use a TLD that contained my name, or at least parts of it. There is a .ng domain that could help with which I thought look kind of hideous and difficult for people to remember where to place that dot. Then finally, I came across the Hungarian country TLD. This meant I could just use my name + first two letters of my surname making it It’s a short URL and probably easy to remember.

But is it better then the original?

I ran a short poll on Twitter to get a general idea of what people felt.

The small sample size of 5 votes showed that people preferred the .com domain which isn’t surprising. It’s something we all are used to seeing in a website.

But I think the main advantage of is the number of characters in this URL. A link shortener like can sold for thousands if not more. I count myself lucky to be able to own in the first place. There was a possibility that it would be restricted or trademarked by someone in Hungary.

It was about a week after I registered for the domain name, which I received a confirmation email that my new domain name is active. Call me a geek but I was pretty excited.

Changing my handles

I’m still considering if I should change my usernames across all the social media platforms. At the very least, it could represent my website for those who recognise .hu as a TLD.

I know… I bought the domain before publishing the poll. Nevertheless, feel free to let me know what you think in the comment section below.